Why Executive Moms?

The thing is, we’re just overly fulfilled.

It’s such a nice way of putting it. But really, we’ve each achieved by most personal or objective measure (those occasionally soul-crushing days in the office notwithstanding). Pulling ourselves up the professional ladder by our own bootstraps (be they Prada or Payless), we have arrived, or are arriving…

And somewhere in the middle of this we may have gotten married, or not, or remarried, or not, and kept working, and in the middle of this found our way to bring a new life or two or several into this wide world. Not even the best PDA accessories on the planet could have made us adequately organized and prepared. Yet regardless, our hearts burst open and soared as we realized that most primal desire, to be a mother…

And so, here we are. It wasn’t that we set out to “have it all,” (much too presumptuous and kind of ‘70s-sounding). We’ve simply been trying to do the things that define us most and mean the most to us. Make more than one kind of mark on the world. Raise children, and land the raise that will help pay for their education. Provide. Create a family and still create ourselves.

There had to be a catch, and this was it: and it was actually a bit of a surprise: amidst the tumultuous sea of colleagues and kiddies, it can be isolating. That old, “I have no time for me” may be a trade-off worth making again and again, but the little hidden truth no one talks about is this: you still want women friends to talk to. But really good, smart ones, who understand your life, and know important stuff, like how to have a love fest with your nanny, or how to catch the school play and not have it be an issue at work, and who generally make you feel sure that you’re doing all of this just fine.

That’s why it was worth giving birth again. To Executive Moms. To enable women such as us to squeeze just enough time to come together and connect over this inherent dichotomy, and make both parts a little better than they already are

Sound good? Join us now!