Part of my rationale for going a slightly unconventional route in the professional planning assistance department is that I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist throwing my energies into this as a “Project.” In fact, after winding down working on my iPad at night, rather than transition to sleep, I found myself trolling the web for venue ideas, which I shared with Seth – my corporate event producer-turned-first-time Bat Mitzvah planner to kick things off.

In turn, he and his adorable associate Katie arranged to meet me, along with our Bat Mitzvah girl, at a first venue that we could also tour to get our feet wet.  Our destination was the Faculty House at Columbia University – and while it seemed a bit random as we had not yet discussed this or any other possibilities, Hannah and I were open to their suggestion that we use this as a backdrop to get acquainted on this level.  The venue, while very nice, did not strike us as a top choice for us.  However, what made the appointment memorable was the time Seth and Katie spent getting to know Hannah – as she quickly charmed them with her graciousness and good sense.  We may not have found our site on the first visit, but I walked away excited that we were starting to share a vision for creating something meaningful and unique, and in that sense it was well worth the trip.