There might not be a more perennial topic of interest for executive moms than that of work flexibility.  We’ve gotten some great stats and anecdotes from you in the past on Getting Flexible, which you might enjoy (re)reading.  For this reason, we are also very interested in this initiative to recognize companies that are making a notable commitment to workplace flexibility…


The Flex Pages

Though it could use far more entries, we love the idea of a directory of flexibility friendly companies (and perhaps a little word-of-mouth will help toward that end).  The Flex-Friendly Program allows both for-profit and not-for-profit, large and small companies to be evaluated and then certified as a flex-friendly business.  Those companies then earn a listing in the Flex Pages Directory.

According to Workplace Flexibility 2010, a project of Georgetown Law, a “flexible work arrangement” is defined as any one of a spectrum of work structures that alters the time and/or place that work gets done on a regular basis.  This includes flexibility in scheduling, the amount one works in a week, and where they are able to work (i.e. working at home or at a satellite location).

To become certified, upon receiving a company’s application, members of the Flex-Friendly program staff review the company’s flexibility policies, procedures and benefits as well as the organizational culture.   Some of the more recognizable companies which have already made the directory are Sara Lee, Accenture and American Express.


In time, we hope to see more companies aspiring to this badge… and more job seekers treating this as an important part of their workplace due diligence.

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