Have you heard that the new “Soccer Mom” is the “iPhone Mom?”(And if this is so, imagine the implications for what would then be rightly called the “iPhone Executive Mom”)?  As Apple’s products gain deeper penetration among moms given their adult utility, and often as de facto entertainment value for the kids, a slew of ancillary businesses have been created to satisfy our desire to make there ubiquitous devices our own.

Here is one of our very favorites:

Uncommon Photo Cases

We thought we were original in sheathing an iPhone in a fun leopard print case (bought from a street vendor), but these cases from GetUncommon that you can customize with a family photo takes originality and personalization to another level.


While other customizable cases are available on the market, this one stands out due to a proprietary “3D TATT” printing process that wraps a high resolution image completely around the case and embeds it into the surface (like a tattoo, as opposed to a sticker, so no peeling).


Browse the site and you might find yourself drawn to the gallery of design options available from their community of featured artists… but to us the real draw was to create a completely customized case using a photo of our own.   Through uploading your picture and a little simple cropping, you will soon have a new mobile case that is itself a talk piece.  We were invited to try it out by making a case, and since receiving it in the mail, suddenly the backside of the phone has become as captivating as what is on the screen.


Want to make one yourself?  (or HINT: send forward this as a little Mother’s Day gift request)… Just for Executive Moms… Order one between now and Mother’s Day (or pass this on to someone whom may choose to give this to you as a gift), and SAVE 20% when you use the code