This Momorandum is Sponsored by Gate Hill Day Camp

If you need any evidence of the full colonization of Facebook by adults with kids of their own, consider that Facebook’s annual peak of photo uploads is Halloween (as we all share and then coo over each other’s costumed children). However, you might not want to share every mini-milestone of your progeny with your entire social graph, any more than your entire social graph might want to hear them all.  For your own personal documentation and enjoyment (as well as for the grandparents), we found this solution:


Plant Each Memory in Your Own Moment Garden Constructed as a timeline with an appealing visual presentation, Moment Garden lets your record all of your child’s most delicious little moments, from a cute turn of phrase to a caught moment on photo or video, and plant them for posterity.


This is a walled garden, just for you and the closest family and friends with whom you would want to share all of these (and, only these) little details.



Each child can be registered with their own garden, and updating a garden is as simple as sending an update through a custom email address, anywhere you have web access, including from your mobile device.


Designated family and friends are notified every time you update, and you can choose to relive all the memories by watching them as a slideshow.  The service, still in beta, is free to use.  Our favorite benefit (which makes us wish we had this from the beginning of our parenting journey): not having to worry about forgetting all of these moments, that, in the moment, seem so unforgettable…

This Momorandum Sponsored by Gate Hill Day Camp